The solution I would recommend for those of you that want more control and less dependency on my server is as follows:

- Use as your domain registrar
- Use their (free) DNS service as your DNS, and point everything at (my server)
- Register (for free) at
- Create the email-accounts you use; I suggest only using 1 per person. You can add aliases (nicknames) in Google's interface
- Setup the MX servers in transip's interface to point to Google's (as specified in Google's interface)

At this point, you'll no longer be dependent on my services for your mail to work. You'll be able to use gmail as your webmail interface, and configure your email client to access Gmail over IMAP.

If you want, I can run a script that transfers all your existing email to your new gmail-hosted email.

Depending on what you want to have for a website, you could for instance also move to Google's Blogger service (like I have), or use Google Pages. Or any other service.