Yes, we're down... I'm working on it. Basically I'm moving everything to a new (type of) server.
Almost nothing currently works, but no data has been lost. Possibly some email sent during the
down-time will wind up bouncing, but I'm working on getting that back up also.

Please contact me via my @shebang.nl email address (which should work) or by phone/sms if you
haven't heard from me yet. Some of the domains are harder to move then others due to their
setup. I hope to have everything back online by the end of Tuesday the 11th of October.

How did this happen? Well, I've been planning the move for a while but never got round to
taken the necessary steps. The contract ran out for the old server, so it was taken offline.
I should've put more effort into moving everything before, but as you know, the hosting-bit is
not something I earn any money with so it got prioritized accordingly.

If you need a higher service-level, I do have some tips on affordable hosting-companies that
can help you out.